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  • High-end wood

    High-end wood constructions, tailor-made by a Master-Yachtbuilder, with an

    unlimited warranty.

  • High-end wood

    Invisible screws, rift-sawed wood, combined with a very high construction precision and

    an affordable price tag, makes our product unique throughout Europe.

  • High-end wood

    With this product, loose planks, broken screws, uneven spaces

    and slippery surfaces belong to the past.

"Nothing is impossible"

IR. Edward Vlasveld


Is specialized in high-end wood and steel constructions, which are still affordable for the average Joe. This means that our product has an exeptionally good value-for-money ratio, which is realised with a very high construction quality, and based on a vigorous life-time warranty. Our design-product can therefore match itself with any existing wood-construction company in Europe, and still come out as the best choice. A super high-quality product, with an average price tag that will maintain its beauty, even after many years in extreme weather conditions!

 IR. Edward Vlasveld


ir. Edward Vlasveld

As a Master-Shipbuilder and Architect of high-end Gardens, Edward has an unmatched experience in wood/ stone and steel constructions, compared with his colleague/competitors throughout Europe.

This is one of the reasons why his company is the only one to give a life-time warranty on materials and constructions as well. One of the first and most striking differences of his work is that all outdoor constructions are finished with visible wooden dowels of high-quality, to protect the screw-tension from surrounding swelling and shrinking wood, which causes screws to stretch or break, and plank-seams to get ugly, or planks to break loose.

Apart from that, the wood itself that Edward uses, is of the best possible quality for outdoor conditions. This is a matter of how the wood is sawed and how it has been dried, and to what degree. These are just a couple of differences that distinguishes his product towards that of any competitor.

Allow yourself to be surprised and inspired through a visitation by Edward. He will not only answer any question that you might have, but also show you the possibilities in construction/ materials and design, each with its specific price-tag. In short: a high-end tailor-made construction product for in- and outdoors, with an average price tag, combined with an unmatched lifetime warranty.

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